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Looking For Telecommute Job Opportunities With USsurfs?

Work from the comfort of your home, library, or favorite cafe helping USsurfs create value for brands and businesses around the world!

USsurfs is not your typical company, we have a skilled team of people with diverse talents from many different time zones (and countries)

We're always looking for people with experience in a variety of digital fields, such as content creation and client relations, who are either looking for a freelance gig or a continuing working relationship who can work in a team environment who can consistently stay in communication with other team members.

Members of our team always leave room for input and positive critique from others. We do not work well with people who can’t provide or accept healthy feedback.

Here are a few of the areas we're looking a teammate in:

Support Associate

Do you have a passion for helping others? We’re looking for people who can educate and communicate with clients, helping them solve minor issues with our products.


Do you love to blog? Do you ever dream of becoming a full-time blogger or a journalist? We’re looking for talented writers who are passionate about topics relating to food, health & fitness, music, entertainment, technology, and digital marketing.


We’re looking for creative writers who have a knack for taking “boring” business talk and turning it into a powerful story. We’re also looking for people who are capable writing in different writing styles and “voices”.

Live Chat Associate

We’re looking for people who can hop into a live chat session with a client or potential client and answer questions they have regarding our products and services.

Infographic Designer

Are you a creative graphic designer with an interest in creating infographics, “concepts”, thumbnails, or featured images? We’re looking for people who can take written words or statistics and transform them into eye-catching graphics that can be shared on blogs and social media.

WordPress Virtual Assistant

Do you know WordPress inside and out? Are you a self-proclaimed WordPress geek? Have you previously worked as a web master or do you seek to start a career as one? We’re looking for people who can handle daily WordPress management activities from basic maintenance to content posting and sharing.

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