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Local Customer Acquisition Platform

How Would You Like A Highly Search Engine Ranked Page That Sends Local Customers Directly To You? Without Paying Premium Prices or Worrying About Maintenance?

Lease Pre-Launched, Professionally Designed, High-Ranking Websites Based On Your Business/Service That Rank In Your Local Area.

WordPress is an incredibly easy-to-use tool, but sometimes life can get in the way. All it takes is a website owner letting a few software updates slip or forgetting to backup their data (most likely because they're trying to run a business, create & publish content, or watch out for their family) and then disaster strikes.

Much like any piece of software (such as your Operating System or the apps on your favorite device), WordPress must be regularly updated for functionality and security reasons. When even just a few updates slip by, you open your site up to hackers, viruses, security issues, and even slaps on the wrist from Google.

That's why we offer our WordPress Management service, so we can keep your site secure, up-to-date, and properly utilized; giving you peace of mind and protecting your digital marketing efforts.

We offer contracts on a month-to-month basis as we believe serving clients is a privilege and not a right. We do not require any long-term commitments.

Powerful Features For Growing Your Web Presence

WordPress Support
Hosting Company Liaison
Uptime Monitoring
Database Optimization
Spam Filtering and Cleansing
Ongoing Security Scanning
WordPress Updates
Plugin Updates
Framework Updates
Theme Updates
Scheduled Backups
Educational Materials

Reach New Customers In Your Area With Our
Affordable Local Marketing Solutions

We’ve bundled every service you would need to run an effective lead generating online presence in your local area, saving you money every month on your advertising budget. We’ve based the price of each solution on the size and population of the area you wish to cover, as every area is unique and extra steps need to be performed to keep you ranked high in larger markets.

Small Towns
and Cities

Population: Up to 250K

Starting at

Ideal for bloggers and local businesses.

Here's what you get:

All the previously mentioned features

Most Popular

Medium to
Large Cities

Population: 250K - 1MM

Starting at

Perfect for larger blogs/magazines and websites.

Here's what you get:

All the previously mentioned features
SEO Reporting

Metropolitan Statistical Areas

Population: 1MM+

Starting at

Optimal for enterprise-level websites.

Here's what you get:

All the previously mentioned features
SEO Reporting
Technical SEO Audits

"What Would It Cost If I Did Everything Myself?"

With every plan, you’ll receive one hour of client-directed support requests that may include activities such as:

Modern Responsive Web Design

Our team of professional designers have already created a modern, responsive, and retina-ready website.

All you have to do is add your own logo, text, and pictures.

A custom web design can typically start at $2,000.

Plus $199-$399 per month for maintenance, support, changes & tweaks.

Fast & Reliable Hosting

Your website will be hosted on a fast cloud-based server located in the United States, ensuring your site’s speed and availability.

Costs for a U.S. Based Dedicated Cloud Server can start at $300 per month

Premium Domain Name

It’s becoming more and more difficult to get a quality .com domain name these days.

We have a vast portfolio of premium .com domains based on many different businesses and cities.

Can easily cost $5,000 or more (plus annual renewal)

Regular SEO Maintenance

We’ve already got our websites ranking high in the results pages of popular search engines.

We regularly maintain our rankings with our premium SEO services.

Can cost between $500-$5,000 per month

At Best, You're Looking At Start Up Costs Upwards Of $7,898 Plus $999 Per Month (or $2,699 Per Month For Larger Cities)

Compare that to the price of our solutions. If you're in a Small Town, you save $7,451 start up and $552 a month. Even our most expensive solution saves you $6,951 start up and $1,752 a month. What could your business or marketing department do with that extra money?

Additional Features

24/7 Security Monitoring

Hackers and bots are constantly scanning for vulnerable WordPress installs that they can use to dump malicious code onto your website and/or server, which can redirect visitors or get you in trouble with Google.

We’ll monitor your website, scan for malware, and use brute force protection to better protect your website.

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

We’ll actively monitor the website or blog’s uptime and take swift action should your site go down. We’ll notify you of any issues and we’ll help get it back up as soon as possible.

SEO Reports

The Premium and Enterprise plans come with monthly SEO reports delivered via email. You’ll receive details on website visits, bounce rates, sources of traffic, top SEO keywords, top content, and conversion data.

SEO Audits

With the Enterprise plan, you’ll receive a monthly report of Technical SEO issues that can interfere with your organic SEO efforts. You can update this on your own or use your Support Time to have us resolve these for you.

Need Help Running An Effective WordPress Site?

We’ll keep your WordPress site secure, online, and updated with the latest version. This way, you can quit worrying about going offline or being hacked and focus on growing your business.

WordPress support and maintenance is available in monthly contracts with no long-term commitments.

Check Out These Other Related Services

Web Design

WordPress Design &

We do more than simply design a website, we research your target market and your competition.

We’ll create a website that’s in line with what people in your field are looking for, as well as one that’s optimized for ranking higher on search engines and converting visitors into customers.

With nearly two decades of experience, we code with the best practices and modern coding standards.

Digital Marketing

SEO Consulting

We specialize in SEO & Digital Marketing. We offer a variety of solutions and we use the best practices for each.

We’ll research your competition and target market and create a SEO strategy for your website. We’ll work with you and your team on keyword research, site mapping, and on-page optimization.

All of our methods are completely white hat and have been thoroughly tested and proven time and time again.

WordPress Marketing

WordPress SEO

A lot of people, even the “experts” just assume that all you have to do is install a plugin or two and let the visitors come flowing in.

In reality, SEO is about defining your target audience and understanding what they need to solve their problems.

SEO plugins are just tools that assist you with the execution of the overall SEO process.


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