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WordPress Website
Design & Development

WordPress Website Design & Development

Let's work together to build a website that solves problems and enhances your sales and marketing efforts.

Complete WordPress Design & Development

We Design From The Search Results Page All The Way To Your Website's Call To Action

Our design method is different from our competitors as we focus on: how your customers find your site, what they expect it to look like, how they expect it to function, and the overall user experience. We begin our deign journey at the search engine results page (SERP), move on to style and feel based on your brand and what we believe users from your target market will want, and then we create effective content and call to actions that are sure to turn visitors into buyers. We want to help you create an experience that is based around your customers, how they view and use your website, and how it all can turn into revenue for your organization.

We believe in creativity, not the “creativity in a can” most agencies practice where they build you a site based on the latest fad in designer circles. While we do follow modern design guidelines and trends, we create sites that are guaranteed to not go out of style once a fad is over, websites that will look great and work great for years to come on numerous devices, as well as designs that are in line with what users in your target market expect and want to see.

Whether you need a simple website that acts as a brochure or an advanced solution such as an eCommerce or membership website, we can create an effective WordPress website that meets your marketing goals and objectives. Want to create something entirely unique? We’ll help you by crafting a customized solution that can include: custom post types, taxonomies, APIs, and/or plugins developed or optimized specifically to meet your website’s needs.

All of our custom website design and development projects follow a structured process that helps us execute your project on-time and on-budget. Part of this process involves full cooperation from you and your team, by providing us with information about your company or any other information or content we may ask for. This allows us to build a site and create content that is in line with your organization and it’s brand.

In order to start your new site on it’s path to page one of the search results, we make search engine optimization (SEO) is an integral part of the project. We’ll build a website that attracts search engines and encourages users to convert into leads, sales, and revenue using methods such as: competitive research, keyword selection, site mapping, and on-page optimization.

We Specialize In:

  • Custom Theme Development
  • Third-Party Theme Customization
  • WordPress Customization
  • Plugin Optimization
  • WooCommerce
  • Membership Sites

Industries We Have Experience In:

Developers You Can Trust

We Develop Our Websites With The Latest Technology & The Best Practices

Every website we build is responsive, this means our sites will automatically adapt and resize to look good on desktops, laptops, even devices as big as iMacs and as small as iPhones and iPads. This very website is responsive, try resizing your window or pulling it up on your phone!

Responsive web design is a method that provides optimal viewing across a wide range of devices. This way, all you need is one website, you’ll no longer need to have multiple sites, special software or plugins, or special addresses for your clients to visit saving you development time and maintenance costs. We do all this at no additional charge when you hire us to build a full website.


Fast Response

Search Engine-Friendly Code

Modern HTML5
& CSS3

More Than Web Design

We'll Research Your Target Market, Help You Identify Business Goals, and Develop Search Engine-Friendly Code & Content

We’ll help you identify marketing goals and objectives for the digital side of your business, as well as assist you with figuring out the overall direction of your digital branding and digital brand goals and how to create a positive image for new users. We’ll help you figure out who your target audience is as well as who may come across your site and how to position the products and services you offer to these people to turn them into buyers.

We can work with your existing website by updating the design and certain areas that need it or we can completely start form scratch with a brand new website. We’ll base your design off of what users in your target market want, what your competitors are or aren’t doing with their websites, and websites you send us that you love (for inspiration).

We can help you meet just about any functional requirements and enhancements you may need including: visual requirements, content flow requirements, and requirements for handicapped users.

When designing your site and your content, we’ll create both based off of desired outcomes of the website traffic you receive. We’ll outline potential call to actions, work on keyword to content site mapping, and use focused keywords for organic SEO.

Why WordPress?

Why is WordPress Our CMS of Choice for Website Development?

WordPress is a content management system (or CMS for short) that has been used since 2005 to create highly functional websites, blogs, and communities big and small. The base WordPress software is 100% FREE yet can be considered priceless as it can be used to turn you site into an absolute powerhouse with the right plugins, widgets, and themes.

WordPress is constantly updated by hundreds of community volunteers and has been used as a viable and effective solution for businesses, corporations, digital publications, universities, and individuals.

More likely than not, your favorite website or blog is powered by WordPress. 99% of the sites we build are built with WordPress, in fact and all of our Network sites are. Some famous users of WordPress include: CNN, Katy Perry, Tech Crunch, Walt Disney, The Rolling Stones, BBC America, Sony Music, PlayStation, Star Wars, and The White House.

WordPress isn't our only forte

Need A Website Built On Something Other Than WordPress?

While we strongly recommend WordPress for our clients, we do have experience with numerous other CMSes (including a few obscure third-party ones) as well as programming languages such as: HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JS, and Ruby. Talk to us about your project, tell us about the CMS or tool you currently use or want to develop with and we’ll see if we can tackle it!

Keep in mind that based on experience with previous clients and similar projects, we may steer you toward using WordPress as we’ve discovered that it’s a better fit for your project. If this is the case but you’re already using another CMS or service, in most cases we can help you transfer your existing content to WordPress.

Other Areas We Have Experience In:

  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • phpBB
  • Tumblr
  • Ghost
  • HTML5 Sites
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