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WordPress Consulting Services

We have vast knowledge and experience in all things WordPress, we've been working with it since 2006!

We're Your WordPress Wizards

WordPress Consultation & Support For Any Stage Your WordPress Website Or Blog Is At!

We’re available and ready to assist you whether you need guidance with a WordPress project or emergency assistance when something appears to have gone wrong. The USsurfs WordPress Consulting Team is made up of people who have had over a decade of experience with all things WordPress, from installing and troubleshooting WordPress to customizing and optimizing WordPress plugins and themes.

Ongoing WordPress Maintenance & Support

WordPress Set Up &

Hosting Set Up &
WordPress Installation

Custom WordPress


WordPress SEO &
SEO Consultation

General WordPress

Plugin Installation & Customization

Hosting Intermediary & Interactions

Third-Party Theme Customization



WordPress Optimization

We’ll configure your WordPress website so that it helps support your current and future SEO efforts. As WordPress SEO experts we provide guidance on theme usage, plugin recommendations, and configuration.

Whip Up A Wonderful WordPress Site!

Whether you need to whip up a new WordPress creation or you need to whip your existing WordPress site into shape, WPwhip is the site for you! It’s the ultimate resource for WordPress website owners!

Why Use USSurfs?

Helping People With WordPress Is More Than A Service, It's Our Mission And Our Passion!

WordPress is more than what we do, it’s a platform that we’re passionate about! We build 99.9% of our websites using WordPress, is currently running on the latest version of WordPress. We build effective WordPress sites using original custom themes for your brand or customized and optimized themes built on third-party themes and frameworks.

We love writing about our experiences with WordPress on our company blog as well as on our sister site WPwhip, a special publication and company we created to help website owners whip up beautiful and “delicious” WordPress sites.

Feel free to contact us and let us know how we can help you run an effective WordPress website. We’d love to serve you as your dedicated WordPress consultant or even just offer consulting support as you need it.

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