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We aim to be more than a consultant, we want to be your reliable advisor.

You’ve likely heard of SEO and you know need it. You can trust us to help you optimize your site the right way. We believe in the power of ethical white hat marketing and we’ve built a consulting practice around our knowledge of search engines and the dedication we provide to ensure you achieve and keep your results.

Our SEO consulting services combine search engine optimization strategy with proven white hat techniques that can take your website from a virtual unknown to page one across search platforms. While we don’t provide you with overnight success, we do use tried and tested tactics that have provided tangible results and true ROI.

Our goal is to help you achieve more than increased traffic, we want to work with you to help you build a strong SEO foundation.

That’s what separates us from the competition.

Anyone can get to page one temporary, anyone can see a spike in traffic for day. At USSurfs, we believe it’s better to do help you maintain consistent results that don’t fluctuate or worse, cause your website to be blacklisted.

How Does the Process Work?

While we provide traditional SEO services, we also offer expert mentoring and management with a strong focus on providing a long-term return on investment for your budget.

Step 1

The process begins with us conducting an interview with you or your team. We’ll determine your needs, ability to commit, and your willingness to serve as a partner. The more we know about your current situation and your desired goals, the more knowledge we have to help drive online success!

Step 2

If we’re on the same wavelength, we’ll move on to setting up a consulting engagement. A member of our team will begin with a review of your current activities, an examination of the market(s) you wish to target, and an investigation of your competitor’s online activity.

Step 3

We’ll then create a game plan. This will include things such as: an analysis of your content, keyword research, and keywords mapping. Once we have a solid plan in place, we’ll begin updating your website and content for the best on-page SEO practices.

What Happens After Step 3?

If necessary, we may need to move on to more technical aspects or we may recommend various white hat authority building strategies. This can include: content creation, copywriting, press releases, and outreach.

Once the foundation is built, we can provide ongoing support to help work through technical issues, questions/concerns you may have, and regular SEO maintenance. This can include: consistent content creation and/or outreach methods.

We’ll mentor you and your team. Helping you discover the best practices in content marketing, social media, and technical SEO for your field. We’ll aid you in strategizing, educate you in modern yet trusted SEO techniques, and ensure you understand what to do and more importantly what not to do.

Areas of Expertise

Website Auditing

We offer comprehensive website audits that help us identify issues, concerns, and what you’re doing well on. For anything that can be done better, we’ll provide you with an actionable report. You can then hire us to help you resolve any problems or you and your team can work on your own.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a simple yet time consuming process as it requires you to regularly produce new content. It also needs to be useful and serve your audience. We can help you discover the right content strategy for your goals and assist you with content creation.

Competitive Research

We can investigate how your competition uses keywords, content, and their websites and determine their performance. This helps us discover strategies that can help you achieve better results in your digital marketing efforts.

On-Page Optimization

Perhaps the most important aspect of SEO, on-page optimizations can involve: content updates, meta titles, and meta descriptions. We can ensure your content fits the best practices and work towards improving the value it has.

Keyword Research

Keyword research allows us to produce a list of priority keywords and phrases that will be used to plan out your website’s content marketing strategy. This helps determine how to best reach the market you wish to target.

Authority Building

One of our unique capabilities is that we help our clients identify opportunities to be featured on high-quality websites, including major news sites. This helps build brand awareness and assists with bringing real, quality visitors to your website.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO involves advanced SEO requirements like schema markup or cleaning up your code. We can identify and correct technical issues, as well as help better position your website.

Local SEO

Does your business depend on being found locally? One of our specialties is
local directory setup and optimization. We can also work to tool your website to be more locally focused on the site itself as well as any web presences tied to it.

Structured Data

A good SEO foundation, the kind that lasts, relies upon both traditional and more advanced SEO techniques like structured data, site mapping, and schema markup.

State/National SEO

Looking to be competitive in multiple states? Our Local SEO methods can work on statewide as well as nationwide scales. We’ll help you optimize your web presences accordingly.

Website Mapping

Site mapping is when a given keyword or phrase is assigned to a specific piece of content. It’s more than creating a “table of contents” for your website, it helps search engines discover your website’s information quicker. It also creates content silos and helps us determine your content needs.

International SEO

Our methods aren’t just limited to local level, we can assist you with reaching people in other countries. We can also help you configure your website to properly target users who speak different languages or who are from other countries.

Our Approach

Our team has experience in marketing and sales both online and offline. In fact, our managing members have run small offline businesses before. We regularly stay educated in the latest rules, regulations, and updates. We also try and test new methods on our own assets, so we know what works and what doesn’t. We know the best practices and we work those into our website designs and strategies. We deliver websites and plans that can assist with traffic and conversions.

SEO and digital marketing are more than just “getting to page one as soon as possible”. It’s about applying traditional methods and the right practices to be found by prospective clients and building your credibility with them so that they become repeat customers.

Getting results that last and continually provide doesn’t happen in a day, it takes time and dedication. More importantly, it requires one follow existing rules and regulations to ensure their website doesn’t get blacklisted. To gain substantial and sustainable results, you’ll need responsive user-friendly website design, organic white hat SEO, and a thoroughly planned digital marketing strategy that is precisely executed over time.

SEO efforts can be very time consuming and require a lot of dedication to be done ethically and by the rules. You may understand proper SEO methods but simply lack the time to maintain ongoing SEO efforts. That’s where we come in! We provide long term SEO retainer and maintenance agreements for clients who need to prioritize their time and energy elsewhere.

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